Getting Started

A TinyFate game should have three to five people, one of whom will be the Game Master (or GM) and the rest of which will be players. Play will be around a single table, where both the GM and the players can see everything in play. If your group wants to play online or with more or fewer players, then feel free, but the default assumption is three to five, around a table.


The game will need the following supplies:

  • A pencil for each person, and at least one dark marker or pen
  • A stack of index cards (and something to keep them in)
  • One set of four Fate dice per person
  • A small container holding about 50 tokens, like poker chips or glass beads (Nothing edible!). This is colloquially referred to as “The Bowl.”.

Most of these items can be found anywhere, but the dice will probably require a trip to a game store or a visit to