About this game

The original version of TinyFate was written to my blog at http://walkingmind.evilhat.com, and is expanded here. The inspiration to write it up more fully was born out out a fantastic post at the Step into RPGs blog (https://stepintorpgs.wordpress.com).

This game was developed largely in the open, on my blog and on google docs, and has been vastly improved by feedback from many people, including:

  • Stephen Morffew
  • Michael McCully
  • Bruno Bord
  • Jim Dagg
  • Kirby Gehman
  • Dan Kaiser
  • Jonathan Hobbs
  • Michael McCully
  • Nicolas Gilardi
  • Sean Dunstan
  • Terence Leong
  • Robert Wiesehan
  • Timo L


I describe this as an experiment for a number of reasons. The largest is that the very first draft of TinyFate fit on a pair of index cards, and that was genuinely all I felt I needed to make it work. This version is much longer because it’s been an exercise in unpacking all of my assumptions. Turns out there are a lot of them. It also has been an opportunity to try a variety of publishing technologies. This iteration used sphinx (http://docs.writethedocs.org/tools/sphinx/), which I find pretty neat, and which I think may be useful for some future collaboration.

License and Stuff

This is still a work in progress, but the expectation is that this will be released under Fate Compatible licenses once it’s complete. In the interim, I have been using it to experiment with various publishing tools and techniques, most currently building with sphinx via github (repo at https://github.com/rdonoghue/tinyfate)


Version Notes

0.5.0 Unpacked a lot of detail around conflict resolution and brought in all my various out of sync text files. I’m a little worried that the flow is now a little screwed up, but I’m unifying on a canonical version so I can actually fix it rather than just let it sit idle.

0.4.03 Less about substantive changes and more about me remembering how to use Sphinx.

Earlier versions - Did not occur to me to track them. Oops.